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Food Safety
Training and Exams

Why Us

Safe Food Test cares about people and food safety and strives to deliver the best food safety training and exams available. We have adopted a farm to table frame of mind. This means at every level, from the farm to the table, Food Safety is key.

In America, more than 70 billion meals or snacks were served by 12.8 million Food Handlers in 2011. That’s an average of over 5,400 meals per employee per year. That 5,400 translates into a possible 5,400+ lives each food handler has in his or her hands.

When you look at these numbers it seems pretty important that these Food Handlers are trained and knowledgeable when it comes to food safety.

Just follow our three easy steps and you will be led through what we believe is the best and most comprehensive Food Handler training program available.

Thanks and remember to wash your hands.

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Training Course & Assessment

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Introduction and Pre-test

Module 1
Foodborne IllnessĀ 

Module 2
Personal Hygiene

Module 3
Time and Temperature

Module 4
Cross contamination

Module 5
Cleaning and sanitizing

Module 6
Problems and Potential Solutions