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About Us: At, we are committed to providing comprehensive and convenient HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) training for the seafood industry in Georgia. Whether you are engaged in intrastate or interstate commerce, our courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the safety and quality of seafood products.

Why Choose

  • Experienced Instructors: Our courses are developed and delivered by industry experts with extensive experience in seafood safety and HACCP principles.
  • Flexible Learning Options: We offer online courses that can be completed at your own pace, allowing you to balance training with your busy schedule.
  • Compliance Assurance: Our training programs are designed to meet regulatory requirements for seafood HACCP training, ensuring that your business remains in compliance with Georgia state regulations and federal guidelines.
  • Practical Resources: Our courses provide practical guidance and resources to help you implement HACCP principles effectively in your seafood operation.
  • Customer Support: Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support and assistance throughout the training process.

Course Offerings:

  • Basic Seafood HACCP Training: This course covers the principles of seafood HACCP and is suitable for individuals involved in the handling, processing, and distribution of seafood products.
  • Advanced Seafood HACCP Training: Building on the fundamentals covered in the basic course, this advanced training explores more complex HACCP concepts and is ideal for those with supervisory or managerial responsibilities.
  • Refresher Courses: We offer refresher courses to help individuals stay up to date with changes in regulations and refresh their knowledge of seafood HACCP principles.

Get Started Today: Visit to learn more about our Georgia Seafood HACCP training courses and get started on your path to compliance and safety in seafood handling. Whether you are involved in intrastate or interstate commerce, has you covered.

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