David L.A. Rosson, FSPCA Lead Trainer

David L.A. Rosson is a highly experienced and accredited FSPCA Lead Trainer, specializing in food safety and preventive controls. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, David is dedicated to providing comprehensive training that adheres to the highest industry standards. As an FSPCA Lead Trainer, David plays a pivotal role in educating professionals in the food industry on the implementation of preventive controls for human food.


  • FSPCA Lead Trainer: David holds the prestigious designation of FSPCA Lead Trainer, certified by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance. This credential signifies his proficiency in delivering training programs that comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).


  • Food Safety: With years of experience in the field of food safety, David possesses in-depth knowledge of industry regulations and best practices.
  • Preventive Controls: David specializes in guiding food industry professionals in the development and implementation of preventive control measures to ensure the safety of food products.
  • Training: As a skilled educator and trainer, David excels in delivering engaging and informative training sessions tailored to the specific needs of his audience.

Training Services:

  • FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food: David offers comprehensive training programs designed to help food industry professionals meet the requirements outlined in the FSMA.
  • Customized Training: David provides customized training solutions to meet the unique needs and challenges of food businesses, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and standards.
  • On-Site Training: David is available to conduct on-site training sessions, allowing organizations to train their staff in a convenient and efficient manner.

Contact Information: For inquiries about training services or to schedule a training session with David L.A. Rosson, please contact:

Email: david@safefoodtest.com Phone: 562-292-0555 Website: SafeFoodTest.com

About SafeFoodTest.com: David L.A. Rosson serves as the Lead Trainer for SafeFoodTest.com, a leading provider of food safety training and certification programs. SafeFoodTest.com offers a wide range of training solutions designed to help individuals and organizations maintain the highest standards of food safety and compliance. With David’s expertise and guidance, SafeFoodTest.com is committed to empowering food industry professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure the safety and quality of food products.

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